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Cobalt Strike Defense Guide – 2

In previous report on Cobalt Strike focused on the most frequently used capabilities that observed. In this report, we will focus on the network traffic it produced, and provide some easy wins defenders can be on the look out for to detect beaconing activity. We cover topics such as domain fronting, …

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How To Attack Kerberos

Kerberos Fundamentals Kerberos is a network authentication protocol that works on the principle of issuing tickets to nodes to allow access to services/resources based on privilege level. Kerberos is widely used throughout Active Directory and sometimes Linux but truthfully mainly Active Directory environments. TLDR: https://www.roguelynn.com/words/explain-like-im-5-kerberos/ I am aiming to approaching …

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Utilizing a Common Windows Binary to Escalate to System Privileges

Windows pwnage courtesy of trusted Windows binaries Introduction If you’ve ever tried to run a command prompt as administrator on your Windows OS before, you’ve seen a harmless popup appear. This is Windows User Account Control, or UAC. According to Microsoft, UAC “is a fundamental component of Microsoft’s overall security …

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